Math Missions - The Race to Spectacle City Arcade

Game Genre(s): Kids

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Let you K-2nd grader explore Spectacle City by using real-world math skills to earn money for arcade games.

Catch the bus, subway, or ferry to travel the city and tackle fun math challenges in the stores of Spectacle City. Build addition, subtraction, fractions, and problem solving skills while constructing a skyscraper, sorting toys at the toy store, counting types of candy at the outdoor market, and more. Earn money for each correct answer, then use it to play exciting games in the arcade.

  • Let you little ones have fun will learning math
  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • Plenty of exciting and challenging equations

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Racing With Math

bFly2001 | 5
Comments: My daughter enjoyed racing through the cites and towns. Using math knowledge to gain faster speed than your opponent. To see who answers the most right in this brain race to earn money to play fun video games.

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