Pet Soccer

Game Genre(s): Kids

Full Description

Pet Soccer is a beautifully colored 3D game, sure to grab everyone´s attention. There are over fifteen teams, each with its own field. Thanks to seven different championships, you will be able to travel around the world and visit every corner. However, to be able to play with all the teams, you´ll have to beat them first... But don´t worry, a little bit of cheating is allowed. During the matches both teams can sometimes use SUPER powers, such as super-shot. Now, are you ready to score?

  • Gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Over 15 different teams and fields
  • 7 different championships to beat

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Animal Soccer

bFly2001 | 4
Comments: You play as animals of many species in this knock down blow out game of soccer. Your job is to use the controllers/keyboard to run, jump & block your oppenents tries to outdo you and your team.

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